Triumph Tiger 1 MT gloves

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    got these aaaaages ago and had planned on writing a review, but simply wanted to take some time to get a proper feel for them before writing and then eventually forgot, ha


    I picked up the 12oz in the “joker” colorway (not my photo)

    Although I’ve seen them listed as available in 16oz, I wasn’t able to get them in anything other than a 12 at the time, and now I’m trying to grab a second pair for sparring specifically, I’m still unable to find them, or get an expected date (from TU directly) for when they might be available.

    These were the first MT specific, and higher price, gloves I’ve purchased, and will absolutely admit I chose them based on how awesome they looked. I was specifically looking for a pair that featured the wrist/forearm padding/fastening, and of the few pairs I found these were by far the nicest to look at, and TU stuff generally seemed of a high quality.

    Even though I went for the 12oz, I was very surprised at how much padding there was. While the gloves are absolutely a slim profile, and a snug fit, they are remarkably heavily padded for such a lightweight glove. I’m 5’9, 150lb, so while they a bit on the smaller side for my weight class, they fit nicely on the hand.
    No problems getting them on and off, the fastening strap is easy to open and close, even when gloves are on. I did find the thumb to be uncomfortably tight for a good while. I wasn’t sure if this was specific to this glove and negative, or if it was something I need to expect from all MT gloves. After plenty of uses, it has definitely softened up, but still noticeably tighter on my thumbs than the rest of the hand.
    Barely a visit to the gym goes by where it isn’t remarked on by someone about the size of the padding considering they’re 12oz. Again, not to say they are not a slim glove, but considering the weight they have managed to get in ALOT of padding across the knuckles.

    Aside from the thumb issue, these gloves feel really, really great. I wrap my hands Mexican style, and don’t have an issue getting my hands in, and my hands feel safe regardless of how hard (or shit) I’m throwing.
    They feel great on the bag, and the smaller weight definitely lets me know if I’m hitting with proper technique, and just has a really good feel on impact. I use these for both Dutch and modified feeding, and find the great for both. The extra padding going down the wrist is exactly what I wanted, and the slim profile makes sure I’m covering properly.

    I’ve had multiple coaches make it clear they are happy for me to use these for sparring sessions due to how well padded they are. Generally, I spar with guys bigger than me, so I definitely *dont mind* using a 12oz for them, ha, although I’m still conscious of it and tend to use my best up 16oz’s.

    I’ve had them for about seven months now, use them about four or five hours a week of varying intensity, and can already feel the stitching in the lining deep in the glove coming undone. They’re far from falling apart, but this bummed me out a bit.
    Externally, some of the stitching started coming away on the seams of the strap after probably two months, I was concerned and kept a close eye on it, but thankfully there is enough stitching pretty much all over that even though this spot, about half an inch, came completely undone, it hasn't gotten worse and doesn’t seem like it’s going to.

    Although my experience with MT gloves is limited, I’ve been super happy with these gloves, even for the high-ish price point ($80), and now I’m in need of sparring gloves, I’m hoping to grab some of these in 16oz if possible, and at least for now and happy to wait and continue to use the beaters that I have.
    (Edit: by the way, they look fucking awesome, I feel like a badass wearing them and ALWAYS get complimented on them)

    Dunno if I’ve covered everything, but ask away, if not!
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    Glad to see this being reviewed. How’s the wrist support on these and do you have any pictures?

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