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Sep 2, 2002
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has anyon ever tried trimspa? is it effective in any way or is it just ripping you off? just wondering because i see it in nearly every fricken tv program commercial. does it have any side effects or anything like that, is it safe?
Green Tea is great and Glucosamine can be useful, but the rest of it is crap, and it's ridiculously overpriced.

Just get caffeine and green tea extract.

If you're willing to try something a little less proven, Synephrine HCl might help (I use Syneburn from Bulk Nutrition).

If you're willing to do something a little more risky, try Ephedrine (Vasopro and Biotek are great, I recommend them because they include the expectorant, but you can get Ephedrine straight again from SAN through Bulk Nutrition). Personally, I don't think if you follow directions it's very risky at all. It's just that so much bullshit out there doesn't work so people megadose it and nothing happens. You megadose Ephedrine it will kill you. You can look at that as a negative or as an indication it actually works. Just stack it with aspirin.

Ephedrine- 25mg
Caffeine- 200mg
Green Tea Extract- 400mg
Aspirin- 125mg
(*Synephrine HCL- 10mg)

That's my preworkout stack. Yum. Drink it down with diluted accelerade in 20 ounces water and some of the free Neurostim I got with my last order. Yeah, I'm good to go.