Traveling to Hackettstown, NJ


Aug 31, 2005
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I'm new to grappling, taking judo at a local college. One of the reasons I'm not taking BJJ, instead, is because there are no dojos close enough for me to go to, especially during to winter with this CNY weather. Maybe this spring it'll be different.

Anyway, I travel a lot for work, and I try to find places to train when I can and when they'll take me. Like I said, I'm a newb, so I'll take any instruction I can get. I'm going to be out there this coming Monday night. Anybody know of any good schools around there?
judo is sweet to man, i took it for a couple months before bjj, helps your game out. i dont know how far you have to go but this winter has been pretty weak so far, so driving won't be so bad
Yeah, so far it hasn't been bad, but the past day or so have been really crappy. It's like a blizzard outside, now! Plus, I can only really afford one class at a time at this point, so judo it is! Actually, I've only been to one class as of yet, and so far I'm pretty satisfied... sore, but satisfied.
there is an american top team in bergenfield its about 1/2 hour 45 mins from hacketstown
look up david adiv - royler's #1 blackbelt in the US and a judo blackbelt with international experience. its up in north jersey now, fairfield i think, which should be close to hackettstown i think