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    After class today I've come to realize that, from my experience, it's much more tiring transitioning between positions then escaping out of bad ones. If someone wanted to sidemount me Im tempted to just let him, then gain the proper posture and leverage to escape. But in class when I was rolling and the guy tried to sidemount me, my instructor kept saying to turn in turn in and keep fighting. That just gassed me out and I ended up being sidemounted anyways. What's your take on it and is there any good DVDs on this subject?
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    In some cases transitioning is more tiring then escaping out of a bad position. But in my experience it's ALOT better to transition then give your position up. If you give your position up to a good Jiu-Jitsu player, don't expect to get it back without alot of work. And if you let a big guy have his way with you, you will be alot more tired when 260 pounds are on top of you.

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