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Training problems!! Big problem!!


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Apr 6, 2008
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Forgive me if i post this to the wrong spot!! I have actually been reading Sherdog for sometime now.. maybe like the last 2 years but i have been following mma for like 6-7 years now. Anyways.. heres my problem. About 2 1/2 years ago, a trainer/instructor came to our neck of the woods and started a BJJ class. It was very cool, cause a good number of us actually got to learn some BJJ. I think he was a purple or brown belt, i cant remember. But the class was very fun in the beginning. We must have had around 30 guys coming out like twice a week. The trouble started after about 6-7 months. There were a few guys who felt they "knew it all"!! THey thought they were better than the instructor!! This created alot of tension between the insructor and the "know-it-alls"!! So what happened in the end was that our class finally split up. Our instructor ended up leaving elsewhere and this left alot of us with no where to go. What happened next is that a few of us would get together and workout with what we knew, we would buy books, and dvd's and train with those materials. Some other people ended up not training at all anymore. Those guys that started the feuds ended up training on their own as well. So next thing that happens with this saga is that those of us that ended up training on our own, the guys that started the feud want us to train with them. We tried training with them but they a really bad attitudes with BJJ. They feel as if it is a macho thing, like theyre the absolute best ever! We just train to learn and just love the fact that we cant try to learn the art. A few of us competed in tournaments as well as the other guys. Now lately our instructor has come around again and only will let us train with him when hes around. The other guys must not like this and just bad mouth him all the time. They say how much better they are than him as well as us. Anyways, this situation is just bad. We never meant for anything to be like this but because of a few bad apples in the bunch, seems like our wanting to train and get better is only causing more problems. We always invite people to workout with us and they love training with us. When them other guys invite people they usually dont like training with them. They like roll with people who are beginners and have their way with them. And afterwards they talk about how great they are. The people usually come to us and say we dont like training with them anymore and usually end up training with us. We always tell them the same thing, leave your egos at the door and just come have a good time training. We never try to make anyone look bad, we're always willing to show what we know to anyone. Afterall, BJJ is very fun to learn, and to train. Its not about attitude or machoness. So anyways, the reason i posted this is because i wanted to know if there were other people out there that have encountered this same situation of something similar?? I'd love to hear your input on this subject. I would like to know how you would deal with it and such. Thank you so much for your honest opinions and comments.
Use your enter key. Please.

Train with someone who knows what they are doing. Blind leading the blind, whether you have crappy attitudes or the best ones, is not a good idea.

As for the other half of the students who think they're the shit, shame on them for screwing up your class, assuming what you say is true.
Enter Key!!?? Sorry man... im so totally new to this forum deal that i have no clue what u mean.. give me some suggestions please!!! thanks alot.. i'll try to improve my forum discussions !!!!
Most won't read a post that is long and doesn't contain paragraphs. Just so you know.

On topic; It sounds like you guys are doing the right thing. Just continue to train with the guys who have good attitudes and let the other guys do whatever the fuck they want. if you have a purple or brown belt BJJ guy to train with, then definitely do. I wouldn't worry about what these guys are doing or saying, anyone who is worth training with will see them for what they are and they'll become the local punch line in no time.
Yeah I sucked it up and read through your mega paragraph... where the hell are you located? If this dudes a purple/brown he should just roll through the other guys easily. Why doesn't he do that to just shut everyone up and get them to listen to him. If I were you, and this guys a legit purple/brown, just do whatever you can to train under him instead of out of books/dvd.
Those guys need to be put in their place.

We all have egos until someone destroys us. Then we must be rebuilt with the knowledge that "we're not the shit".

Is this a rural place without access to any real trainers? Is this a Westside Story remake?

Just keep training with that purple or brown. Those other guys would not survive in the real bjj universe.

Jiu jitsu without fun is...well, no fun.
I would just distance myself with the guys with the attitudes. The only thing that is going to come out of that is high paced, sloppy bjj and a whole lot of injuries.

Train with the purple/brown when he is in town and the rest of the time roll with the guys who have a good attitude and training mentality.
Well, keep training with the guys you are now. Let the egot trips do thier own thing.

If you keep at it without an ego, you all will leave them behind in skill.
i agree with the bullshit call only because of the forgetting if the guy is a purple or a brown. it's not that hard to recall that big detail. which makes that one hell of a bs post with that being the king kong of paragraphs and all.
I would keep training with the instructor, to hell with the other guys and what they say.
Is your instructor's name Sensei Al?
Ive sort of heard of things like that happening in Brazil where there are alot of high level instructors.

The people at your gym should feel gratefull that they have access to an instructor which many people don't. Whether they can beat the instructor or not isn't the point, you can still learn stuff from people who you may be able to beat in sparring.
great scenario for never back down 2 !

i dnt get why u r so concern about the other group? they can do what they want and you can do as you feel. keep your attitude and try to train as much possible with the instructor

even though i hv a feeling that in one point u will have face the other group if u are so preoccupied with what they say !