Training Only Once a Week?


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Feb 15, 2005
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Whatsup guys,

I train BJJ and have decided I want to add in some standup training. However, due to the time spent with work, bjj, and the gym, I have one night I can dedicate to standup training and a local kickboxing/muay thai gym.

Do you guys think that it is even worth it to train once a week for a few hours on standup? I love jiu-jitsu, but I just feel I need to atleast learn SOME standup.

Any advice would be great.

If that's all you got try and make it as productive as you can when you do your weekly session.

Stick with your fundamentals and work hard on your striking mechanics and form. If you don't plan on becoming the next mma or muay thai champ it matters little if you just training standup once a wk.
try to practice shadow in any spare time you may have, 10-15 minutes a day does more than you think.
It's definetely worth it to put in the one day a week training stand-up, but don't expect to progress to rapidly.
Crocop went twice a week when he started training. So that means you will be half as good as crocop, but you are grappling too. Good plan.
1 day's better then none. But like the others said, use that day wisely and focus on basic technique,
punching/kicking form and footwork. Footwork is so important and see guys neglecting it all the time.
No's gonna be a standing target for you. Try throwing your combos while in motion: forward/backward, circling, etc...
Do bag work, once you get the hang of it. Becareful when you hit the bag. Alot of beginners fuck up their hands and wrist.
Before or after ju jitsu, you can shadowbox and continue to focus on the basics.
One day is better than nothing. I go as many times per week as I can depending on work. Sometimes it's once a week, sometimes five, sometimes I don't get to go at all. It's what you put into the time that you can train that counts.
Im in the same boat, due to work, working out and school, I can only go THur and Sunday...which means one day for Muay Thai, one day for ground fighting. I have a heavy bag at home and the gym though, so I guess thats a plus....
Ive started trainin once a week down from 4-5 times in Muay thai. I say you should beat on the pads intensely, and spar. IMO those things are very important when training stand up sporadically. Just give it 100% and you should be fine!
Try to add in a run during the week so that your stamina doesn
Doesn't matter how many days or hours you go, what matters if you make the time you spend training count.

Just bust your ass and you'll be doing alot more than some of the people on this board.
Thanks guys! I really appreciate the advice.

I am gonna probably go to the same place all the guys from the jiu jitsu gym go to.

BJJ is great but its always nice to know even a small amount of standup, even though I don't plan on any MMA in the future, it feels weird not knowing stnadup and just doing BJJ.
once a week for a year is better than everyday for a month, do the math
plus it takes time to sink in, and get good at it anyways.

question is, will you train at home? shadowboxing and stuff makes a difference.
It's always good to crosstrain because you never know where a fight will end up. If you stick to your basics you should be able to use it defensively and keep yourself from getting knocked out before getting to the ground.
but sounds like your training too much maybe, with all the other stuff??

dont get too greedy now! LOL
if you can only do once a week, i suggest boxing. focus on one aspect of the stand up art. better to be good at one thing, than shitty at two.
Do one day but like a 3 hour session