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Mar 13, 2008
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Should i train at a gi or no gi facility? Which is better? I don't want to compete in a brazilian jiu jitsu tournament but would like to one day compete in MMA as a personal goal. And if anyone knows, after Bas lost to Ken via knee bar in pancrease who did he train BJJ with? did he learn with gi? who did he train with?
I train No-gi exclusively right now, for the sole reason that I cannot afford a Gi currently. A lot of the best MMA fighters train both, and I assume there's a reason for that. For this reason, the second i can shell out an extra hundred and some odd dollars, I will.

I would say it's perhaps easier to get caught in a submission in a Gi, because you're not as slippery, and this could help with technique.

Whatever the reason actually is, I have no idea, but I think it's important to train in gi.
Most places that offer training with a gi tend to be much more findamentally solid. there you learn grappling for grappling's sake and not just "MMA grappling" which is a way to say poor technique and athletic scrambles.

My advice would train at a place that has solid technical training. If you find that at a no gi place that's great. But if you hear the phrase "we dont do that because it wont work in MMA" in the first few weeks you are there........maybe you can keep looking.
Training in both is important. Gi training is important to developing proper technique. No-gi is more slippery and has less grips. As such, you can sometimes power out of submission attempts and unfavorable positions. Gi has grips and more friction. This forces you to escape/defend submissions and bad positions with good technique rather than brute force.

There are considerable merits to training in both.