training in NE ohio?


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Mar 17, 2005
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Does anybody know of any good grappling schools in the Akron/ Canton area of North East Ohio? I'm hoping to start training soon. However, I live in a small town so there are no good places to train.

the last one might be wrong...these three schools are the closest to you i think. where do live exactly? i train/ have trained with all three instructors that those links will take you to. Dudu has Shaolin coming in for a seminar on 2/12...might wanna check that out if you can.

i'll answer any questions you might have about these places
Barros' is in Akron which is exactly where i was looking for. I live in Wooster. Not many BJJ places in the middle of corn fields. Anyy info?
check out for most of the info... classes are wednsdays, fridays and sundays and we may be adding saturdays for the competition team in the next few weeks. the gym also offers flex band strength training and some striking arts training. jiu jitsu is usually getting 15-20 guys in every class right now, but new people keep showing up every day.
7:30 on wednsdays and fridays, 11:00 on sundays. the sunday class can go up to three hours on rare occassions. wednsdays are usually an hour and a half, fridays are usually an hour.