Training in Different Gyms?


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Oct 12, 2005
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Hey I am about to start a job that will have me flying all week to different cities. My question is how easy is it to get into your bjj gym? I want to still train while I am on the road, I realize this will make for some weird training, but oh well. If there are any of you who actually do anything like this, please let me know how its going.
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i don't travel but i do train at different gyms. I train at PKG and LEGENDS here in los angeles. I've found it to be a positive experience because you get to grapple with many different types of individuals. PKG focuses alot on the MMA approach to grappling while LEGENDS focuses more on the straight nogi approach. But either way, BJJ is pretty much taught the same way for the most part. teach a few techniques at the beginning of class then grapple for 3-5 min increments for the remainder of class. The only drawback is the expense. MMA / BJJ can be expensive nowadays. I would recommend keeping a diary, paper or video of your sessions, since you will be doing a lot of traveling, you can make use of some of the time by going over the material mentally.
most places have a mat fee, or are just cool about people dropping in

call ahead and ask first though
Thanks, yea I know the gym I go to has like a $20 mat fee, but I believe you can drop in once or twice for free.
Defintley call ahead and you will be fine. Diferent places have diferent drop in fees. Some are reasonable( $20 give or take) some are just plain nuts about drop in fees..
You should probably call, like you would have out of common sense.