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Mar 9, 2008
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Let me preface this by saying I won't be going anytime soon. However, from the small amount of info I can gather, this appears to be a very rewarding trip that I'd love to do sometime if I could line things up right.

I got to thinking about how cool it would be to do it, so I thought I'd start a little thread about resources for anybody who wanted to do it. I read this guy's blog, GRINGO JIU JITSU! and he pushes his eBook (Only 20 of the 200 prerelease versions will be offered on Ebay this month) as a useful resource for anybody considering it. Does anybody know if that's a worthwhile $15?

I know there's a huge thread on one Sherdoggers experience down there. But I'm hoping this can be a great thread for anyone considering their own trip. For example, "where do I start?", "what kind of cost am I looking at?", "is this safe", "will I be welcome?" etc. Just things people can start to consider, and info they can begin to look at and potentially plan their own trip if they wanted to consider doing something like in a year or so down the road (like I hopefully can!). I'm sure some people will give experiences they've had while doing this, ***BUT MY HOPE IS THAT THIS THREAD WILL REALLY SERVE AS A RESOURCE***.

It would be pretty awesome if all the posts in here were kept relevant so as not to have multiple pages of un-useful information that people seeking good stuff had to sift through (i.e. "That sounds way cool" or "I'd like to do that sometime" but post whoring is at your own discretion I guess. :redface:
Im interested in this as well, i want to go down and train until i get my blue belt.

Strong post whore, but i really am serious about going
Check out The Fightworks Podcast....those guys did a couple shows on some do's and don't and useful info for training in Brazil recently. The FightWorks Podcast | BJJ Radio. Plus they have a lot of other great info relating to BJJ as well as interviews with some of the big names of the sport.

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