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Apr 11, 2005
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Ok, here's the deal. I currently do TKD and judo which is going great but I also train/spar on the side with friends. I have been saving up for some more gear and I am curious about what are some good brands to buy.
My list of gear I need to get now:
1) Thai Pads(2)
2) Boxing Gloves(2 pairs)
3) Double Ended Bag
I have a punch of stuff now but this is want I feel I really need to proceed
any advice on this would be helpful such as durability, good prices and good sites to shop. Money isn't a real big problem but I would rather get a high quality product not just a well know brand
Thanks in advance
As far as the thai pads and the gloves, i'd go with Windy or Combat Sports probably if you want a particular quality brand (no experience with other brands). My thai pads are just generic ones and they hold up fine. I also don't personally use the boxing style gloves often enough to see much difference but people i train with say Windy and Twins are the best. I put Combat Sports in there because i know they make a good product (only heard good stuff) but i have no experience with them.