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May 3, 2005
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Hey guys, I've been watching MMA for a couple of years now, and all of that studying has made me finally get my ass up and train. I signed up for a one-year contract at the Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu club, and it's really an honor to be training with some of those guys, I'm really humbled. I'm only 16-years-old, and I'm about 140 lbs, 5' 8", and to be honest, I'm nervous about my first class next Tuesday :redface:, but it should be really dope.

The class is an hour of Muay Thai, and then an hour/hour and a half of BJJ. Is there anything you would recommend me to do in the meantime, anything I should prepare for? I've just finished 10 years of soccer and I wanted to try something new if you know what I mean. Any comments, flames, etc. are highly appreciated! Be well and thanks again :D
:icon_cry2 You're lucky man, I wish there was a mma gym like that around me.

Good luck. Who are you training under at Beverly Hills JJClub? It seems like almost every top MMA fighter in the world has trained at this place at one time or another. Are their any big names that still work there?
You'll be fine, I'm sure they'll be considerate of your skill level and happy to have another person on board who loves the sport.
What an oppertunity! You're gonna love it there. If there was ever a place to experience MMA, thats the place. Have fun and keep us updated.
Does Genki Sudo still train there?
That's an awesome place to train. Plus if you played soccer as much as you say, you should already be in great shape, so the worst part is behind ya. Just go and have fun!
BJJ is taught by Master Marcus Vinicius, 4th degree black belt. The Muay Thai is taught by Chute Boxe trainer Roberto Piccinini. It's funny because most of the people who train there don't know what this means, and I walk in and I'm in awe looking at the wall of pictures and autographs of Bas Rutten, Pedro Rizzo, Tito Ortiz, etc. Roberto has trained the Chute Boxe crew including Wanderlei and Shogun, so it should be awesome.

I'm not sure if any famous fighters still train there, but you all know Jorge "Van Damme" Oliveira from his fight against Levens right? He trains there, and I know a few famous faces drop by every once in a while.
Good luck, have fun, and definitely expect to have your ass handed to you many times over. Don't be surprised if you feel like you're just a punching bag/rubber doll the first day/week/month. You'll be hanging with them in no time...
i'm not a big fan of Marcus but not every instructor is for everybody. good luck to you
hamoon, I'd send you a pm but your mailbox is full :D Why aren't you a big fan of Marcus? Anything I need to know about? Thanks :)
i dont want to bad mouth him behind his back so im not going to give details