Training after a fight.


Apr 24, 2004
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Hi Guys! How do you train in the week after a fight? Do you take some days off? Do you make a lighter training?
Get it on a couple of days after the fight, but with ease
Take a week off, analyse what you did wrong, and what you did right, go back healed with a bunch of questions for your instructor so you can improve and hopefully not repeat any mistakes and ask his opinion on your performance.
After my fight...I'm just goin to chill for a week or 2. Eat junk food all the time, go to some parties..have a few beers. Go to class once or twice a week and just relax. Thats what i plan on doing. You can do whatever you really can head rihgt back into training or take a couple weeks off.
If I win I party hard after the fight, party the day after.. and after that then get back to training.. If I lose I just see what I did wrong and train like hell.
I took a couple of days off. My legs kinda took a beating so I felt like I had to.
I'd just take about a week off. Then slowly work back into it, unless you have another fight coming up real quick or something like that.
I have always trained after my fights but depending on how you feel and how hard you worked for your fight I think it is good to take time off just to avoid burnout.
Depends on how I fell..if my thights are beat up I allow them to heal..Id rather just wait and train at 100% then train al half ass at 50%. If I go to the gym i usually help someone else out with their training
After competing i usually take 5-6 days off to relax and eat oreos.