Nov 18, 2006
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MMA in general has been bashing TMA's for their use of 'fancy/flashy' moves that can't be applied well to real fighting for a very long time. Almost everyone believes that MT/Boxing is the best stand up and wrestling/BJJ is the best ground fighting. It seems everyone's views have opened a little since guys like GSP, Machida, Soko and Karo have done relatively well with TMA bases. But everyone still generally bashes TMA's. That's the same thing TMA's did to one another, bash other styles for not being effective when compared to their styles. Essentially MMA has become just like TMA's in it's closed minded views (and traditions).

With that said I say fuck traditions, keep that mentality in mind, if it wasn't for that train of thought MMA wouldn't be around. To all you guys that train BJJ, go try Jiu-Jitsu/Catch Wrestling/Sambo, if you can't find some instructionals to watch. To all you MT guys, try TKD/Karate/San Shou or watch some instructionals. I'm not saying you'll find it to be superior to your original MA but I'm sure you'll find something useful that isn't available to you at your current gym. Adapt and apply, never stagnate, which is unfortunately what's happening to MMA.

I personally also train MT and BJJ but I'm trying very hard to learn certain kicks from Karate and see if they can apply well to an MMA fight (so far most have).

Best of luck with your experimenting, hope you find a good groove (and something useful).
I agree in boxing and muay thai you get in the rythmn of taking short movements to avoid punches and kicks which don't cover large distances but most of the flashier moves require larger movements to evade. its all about the way you set them up though doing a flying kick ala caol uno against BJ Penn didn't do much for him probably because its a ritual of his that he does at the start of lots of fights and his opponents know whats coming
It seems everyone's views have opened a little since guys like GSP, Machida, Soko and Karo have done relatively well with TMA bases.

?? GSP wins with wrestling, BJJ, and though he started in KK I could swear I see Phil Nurse (noted Thai trainer) in his corner all the time. Karo is Judo, but I have never heard Judo get shortchanged. Soko judo, but since when does Judo use left hooks to the head or big leg kicks? Machida, has had alot of his success from his BJJ as well, and to he honest I didnt realize Shotokan threw leg kicks that whipped off the hip rather than snapping off the knee (meaning he crosstrains in Thai boxing and its very obvious).
Yeah most of those fighters you have mentioned don't owe their success to traditional martial arts except karo the one who opened up my mind though is Cung Le against Frank shamrock who was his training partner aswell as being a meticulous gameplanner and new exactly what to expect but still couldn't stop it
Alot of fighters have attributed a certain part of they're skills and success to TMAs.

-Anderson payed respects to TKD
-Bas said Kyokushin helped him alot
-Machida doesn't necessarily use Shotokan techniques, but his movements are based on it
-GSP still uses lead leg snapping roundhouses in his fights.

I think the impact of TMAs are more subtle and hardly detectable.

Either way, this is MMA, learn everything, and disregard the things that don't work.