Torn Ribs.


Feb 18, 2005
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6 weeks ago I ripped a piece of cartilage in my ribs, to all those that have suffered this before- is 6 weeks long enough to go back to very light training?

I want to start swimming to get my stamina and endurance back, is this wise?

Before I go I wanna say thank you to all my bros who gave me encouragement on this forum last month, y'all (yins) rule!
Here's a decent link:

I never torn any cartliage in my ribs, but I have had bruising of the ribs recently and cracked a rib a few years ago.

Bruising took me about 2 weeks for the pain to go. I got back on the mat, but it was still very tender, so should've given it another week maybe...
Cracked rib kept me out of action for a good month or just over before I got back to the gym.
try some light exercises and see how it feels. error on the side of caution with how it feels. if it starts to feel unstable back off for a bit.
Thanks guys, great link too. Batman69-> You made blue dude! I haven't seen you post in a while, man.
i broke my hand and i was bench pressing record weights (for me) about 2 weeks after i got the cast and pin put in
I got someting pertruding from my ribs since i hurt it and my doctor diagnosed it as GRISSLE...


fuck kaiser...
I fractured and dislocated 2 ribs (which also tore my rib cartilage) about 4 months ago. I took about 1 week off and then went abck to training again, "lightly". They healed in about 4 weeks and once I felt back to normal I had someone try some guard pass (that involved him flipping in the air and landing on my ribs) and they were back to square one. They took about 6 more weeks to heal again and then were fine until last week when the same guy decided to try to hold me in north/south by pinning my arms at my sides and pushing his head into my ribs. Now they hurt like hell again, but not as bad as the last 2 times. When you feel like you can go back...go for it. But expect them to give you problems for quite some time.
I suffered from 2 fractured ribs while doing ne-waza in judo training (2 years ago) ... it took 6 weeks to heal, I added 2 more weeks to be sure nothing happened when I started training again (and to restore a bit of stamina with running and cycling) ... my ribs were a bit sensitive the first time back on the mat ... but was rollin' on 100% the second training, haven't felt anything from those damn ribs since then ;-) ... so what I was goin' to say is: yes, 6 weeks should def be enough to start with swimming to get your stamina and endurance back. Do this a week or two and go easy the first time back in training.
i have a permanent knob where my rib popped out. it's small but it's there when someone's belt or elbow rubs against it. as far as making blue i just keep slipping a few posts in here and there and whamo new belt.

also, once again i repeat, take it easy at first. like the guy posted above push it to fast and you'll be back at square one. use the time to evaluate your game, to do lots of cardio not involving the torso and things like that.