torn muscle



i tore a muscle in my upper leg the other day anyone know how long this takes to heal completely or to the point where i can roll full speed and is there anyway to maybe wrap it tight so i can work through it or is that not a good idea...?
when i was a sprinter, it took like 6 weeks to heal because i kept on running.
but i'm pretty sure 3-4 weeks for you, if you just rest.
I tore an abdomen muscle. It took me about me about 1month to get back to 90 percent and a month and a half back to 100 percent. Hope this helps
was it a bad tare i don't think mine is because i can run and play basketball right now but i can't bend my leg completely so i can't pull guard, roll over full speed or anything like that

at what point or how can you tell its good enough to go back to training because it felt fine on monday until i tried to do an anaconda choke and it went again
well like you said, if you're still hurting and handicaped in your jiu jitsu game then don't come back until you feel no more pain at all.
I'm injured right now with a badly sprained knee. Been resting it for 3 weeks and won't come back for another 3 weeks at least. I don't care, I had alredy injured that knee 3 month ago and I came back too fast. Result: eventhough I spared light at first, 2 months down the line I injured that knee even worse. Heal your injuries properly man, You won't regret it.

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