Top Contender Gear


Nov 10, 2005
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I was wondering if anyone has any complaints about this brand. I see it on the ringside catalogue and it seems like they have some items that look exactly the same as the ringside products only with the Top Contender branding and a lower price. Do Top Contender products come from the same factory as ringside products and have similar quality control for their items or are they just cheap low-end products like the Century brand?

The Top Contender brand is actually pushed as Ringside's cheaper economical brand. It is also the backbone of Ringside's wholesale program. They can not come close into comparison with Century or even Title for that matter. The quality of Top Contender easily dominates both companies previously mentioned. They are simply competitive boxing products without all the 'Bells and Whistles' that the Ringside products offer.

Thanks for the info! That was the type of answer i was looking for.
It's pretty much the same exact thing as regular ringside. I like them better because they are solid black and don't have logos plastered all over the gear.
yeah that's one of the reasons i'm thinking of getting some of their stuff i like plain colors
I use Title, Top Contender, Ringside, Fairtex and Combat Sports Intl and have no complaints with any of it.