Top 3 most exciting UFC HW's


Dec 30, 2012
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Who are your top 3 most exciting HW's in the UFC. The ones you get most excited to watch fight?

1. Pat Barry - Win, Lose, or Draw, he brings it. I think he has in the top 3 as far as striking in the HW division of all of MMA. He hits like a mac truck, his leg kicks are brutal has a great personality, is humble, he seems to love fighting and always puts on wars.

2. Stefan Stuve- He is always in wars. I hope this does not affect his longevity but he is an exciting fighter with excellent submissions and a bunch of comeback victories. I love comback fights and love watching Struve put on top notch fights. I always root for Struve because he is skinny and tall just like me! :icon_lol:

3. This is a toss up for me between: Cain , Overeem and JDS. I think its just because of the mystique and skill level they bring. Cain is relentless and is always moving, he never lays and prays and is always improving positions on the ground. Overeem is just a monster of a physical specimen and an incredible striker who destroys people. JDS is exciting because of his great standup, his chin, his heart and the way he destroys opponents with his boxing. (usually)

Honorable Mention- Mark Hunt. He looks like a frickin unknockoutable wrecking machine. Truly a "Super Somoan" with that cranium. He has amazing kickboxing, he is a legend and a pride veteran who is still one of the best in the world today. Love watching Mark fight. Good luck standing with him because he is tough to put away and will take your damn head off with his KO POWER!

Love to hear yours now!!!!! :)
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Cain and JDS never had a boring fight in the UFC.
For me it's Reem, Cain and Hunt
Nelson, JDS, Struve - something always seems to happen when these lads are fighting.
Im expecting some Mir and Nog answers as well.

More so Nog for me. Primarily because he is my second fav HW ever! :icon_lol:
Totally forgot about Big Nog and Big Country.

Yeah, it's kinda hard to put this list together since there's so many exciting heavyweights.
Overeem and Struve are excellent choices. I'm going to round out my list with Big Country, he usually puts on great fights

i mean Jon Madsen was clearly the most exciting HW of all time though :icon_twis
Mir is up there, most of his fights are finishes, subs, breaks limbs, gets KTFO, or gets the KO... out of his 20 UFC fights only 2 have gone the distance and 1 was a DQ.... always exciting, although it must be nerve wracking to be a fan of his.
Kongo had a few really bad fights. Depends on which kongo shows up. The wall n stall wrestling Kongo or the K1 kongo.

For sure. I do love watching Kongo fight usually. There are not too many Hw's in the UFC that I dont enjoy watching fight. Mike Russow bores me though
Pat Barry
Junior Dos Santos
Alistair Overeem
Cain and JDS never had a boring fight in the UFC.

1mir (upsets and BJJ skill)
2JDS (ko power)
3Cain ( Dominance grit and well rounded)

Dah reem would be #2 but only 1 fight in the UFC so far but KO by body shot not so bad.
Struve, Cain, Mir.

Struve because he always goes for the finish or gets finished himself, and he's always in danger, hets hit way too much but shows a ton of heart. Good subs too.
Mir because he wins when he isn't meant to and when he does utilise his BJJ it is very impressive. He has the power to surprise (Nog x 2), which helps.
Cain because of his pace and aggression. Been a big fan since his tooling of Rothwell, that fight epitomises what I like about him.