Too Soon to Gameplan?


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Oct 5, 2011
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I'm just starting to write up a little flowchart to help myself organize my thoughts and how I'd like to progress when rolling. Having just started less than a month ago, I am curious if anyone thinks it is too soon for me to be thinking this way? I always like to think strategically, and I've been told that having two good options from each position is the way to go. So I'm thinking of trying to develop a game that will help me, not to win rolls (I'm trying to move away from that mindset), but to work on the things that will eventually give me a good BJJ game for my build.

So, for example, I'll try the hip bump from closed guard. If the hip bump fails, I'll try for the kimura. If not, I'll work on getting a heavy low mount and moving to high mount. Something like that. Anyone else do this early on in their training with good results?
never too soon for that. It actuality, it will help make your learning curve much faster.