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Too long Intros drive me nuts


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May 31, 2007
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Anyone else hate introductions that go on forever. The Bell-Adamek fight was ridiculous. It took 20 mins to start after walkins/saying everything in polish and english and national anthems. Jimmy Lennon also drives me nuts talking so much. Do we have to know everybody and their uncle sitting at ringside and where they're from. Jimmy Lennon goes on and on like the fuckers hosting a show up there. I like Michael Buffer. He talks quicker and gets it over with. Just a pet peeve I've had for years I thought I would get off my chest. :mad:
A Prince Naseem entrance would probably send you into a straightjacket then lol. I don't mind it when it's entertaining. I remember David Haye took about 10 minutes to come out once because he was standing at the top of the ramp while some clip played talking about how good he is, that was pretty annoying.
I don't mind long intros so much. It builds anticipation. Also, it gives me time to pee and get another drink.