To mods..


Oct 8, 2007
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After winning an av and sig bet and having the loser back out and not live up to his end I started some threads and many suggested I should pm A mod and ask for a punishment.

Many have suggested he be carded, banned or demoted. Or the pink belt.

I was wondering if something could be done.

I think the best alternative is to have a mod change his av and sig to what I have PMed him and make it mandatory for 3 months, 3 times what the deal was.

usually if someone backs out of a sig/av bet they get the pink belt. Maybe PM Fozzy about it, he is the king of pink.
No. The bets are not some kind of official things that have enforceable rules. It's some people making a bet between each other, no more, no less. It's like if you bet a few bucks against your co-worker in real life on a fight, and he doesn't pay up. You can't really call the boss about it, or report him to the police. It just kinda sucks, and that's the risk you take.