To gain mass or cut down?


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Oct 23, 2002
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Ok Im somewhat at a loss of what to do, at the moment Id say Im only really about 5-10kg off of being cut enough to see abs but at the same time Im a measly 63kg or so. Im not really all that keen on going any lower but this is probably the leanest Ive been in quite a while(used to be 75kg or so and on the tubby side(I am about 5'3 or so)). My goals are primarily thai boxing so cutting the remaining fat and working on cardio makes sense but I dont especially want to be all that much lighter.
Now I know gaining muscle and losing fat is harder/slower to do than each on their own individually but if you combined a cycle of bulking and subsequent cutting vs doing both would it end up being approximately the same? Or is it really preferable to choose one and stick to that only?
Go Bulk then Cut. It is alot easier than trying to gain muscle and drop bf at the same time. Also easier than cutting, then bulking, putting on bf (almost certain with bulking the right way) then having to cut that down again.
I would cut first. If you already have some fat you want to lose, bulking is just going to add more fat. And it's going to take a lot more cutting once you get where you want. Also, once you lower your caloric intake to cut, when you start adding more calories to bulk up, your body will absorb more nutrients and it will be easier to put on weight.

you should always regulate your body fat, otherwise you will keep bulking and not allow yourself enough time to cut properly.