To cut or not to cut. Answer Quickly Please!


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Nov 29, 2004
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I'm about 177 right now, I just dropped down from 182 or so from running outside (its hot). Here's my question. I'm no wrestler, I've only done one submission grappling tournament and I fought at 179 and did ok. I am thinking to drop to 169.9. I'm 6'3" and about 11% body fat naturally, I'm no fatass. Its not like I weigh in the day before where I would have 24 hrs. to rehydrate and eat, like a pro MMA fight or something. I weigh in the morning of the competition (tomorrow morning), and thereafter I have no clue how long I will have to replenish myself. Considering its not too late to go either way, what do I do?
Again, Sorry for the double post. My freakin' computer stalled and I didn't think it took.
Don't do it if you are fighting the same day you are weighing in. You are too thin and lost too much already.

But you have already fucked up trying to cut so much already.

I suggest you sit back, rehydrate and refuel ASAP. If you would have had 24 hours to rehydrate I would say go ahead and cut. But you don't. So stop. Fight at a comfortable weight if you weigh in on the same day.

cutting that much for a same day weigh-in especially at this stage is a terrible idea
My situation is somewhat similar but I'm 6'4'' and normally walk around at 203-206. I do karate (1x per week) and just started submission wrestling (2-3x per week)- I do weights (3-4x per week) and run (maybe 1-2x per week).

Over the past 2 weeks I have dropped to about 198 (about a week after starting wrestling). Thinking in terms of fight weight I definetly feel that I am too light since most guys 6'3'' and above are over 205.

So, I agree with most of the others - you're too light already to drop more.
at 6'3 and weighing only that much, you're a pretty skinny guy. You don't need to cut.
1) you shouldn't cut a lot of weight unless you have experience at cutting (even then it's not the safest)
2) you shouldn't cut more than about 5 pounds for a morning weigh-in the day of the match
go down to 135 and post a pic