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Jan 8, 2006
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I was wondering how your joints are holding up after years of joint locks and submissions. Are there no side effects, do they hurt constantly, are they even stronger now, etc.?

Thanks for your help
My ankles are fucked from a combination of football..wrestling and BJJ
My right ankle and left knee give me trouble now and then but my knee pads and ankle supports get me through.
from basketball to baseball to football to mma my knees are fucked pretty good, never had any serious ligament damage but they hurt everyday oh well. and im only 19 :(
My wrists & knuckes snap crackle & pop, my neck is pretty much permanently stiff & sore and my shoulders ache (I think partially because of a pushbike stack when I was a teenager too).

... and I'm still doing my Judo, BJJ & MT. The possibility of a brain injury has crossed my mind......:D
I think if your tapping out when ur suppose to... you shouldnt really receive too much joint damage from sub grappling.

I mean the idea is to tap out BEFORE it hurts to the point of damage , right? at least thats what ive been doing...

just every once in a while if somebody cranks a sub too hard.. itll be a lil tender for the rest of the night and the next day it's 100%. and that is rare

if you notice.. a lot of the ppl here who are saying their joints are messed up is also due to other activities. Although i can see wrestling taking a toll on the knees and other areas
my left knee suffers from Osgood Schlatters Disease which is why it's generally stiffer than usual. My ankle is just fucked due to an achilles lock.