TJ "The American Mongoose" Dillashaw

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by LamaIronFist, May 24, 2014.

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    For a greenhorn that was supposed to get smoked within 2 rounds, that was a hell of a performance from TJ.

    TJ reminded me of a small mongoose going relentlessly after a cobra. For those of you who are in the National Geographic type of stuff, you will remember how fast the cobra strikes... but the mongoose gets out of the way and keeps coming for the head relentlessly. That's this type of spirit TJ had tonight against a deadly striker.

    When I saw the size difference between Barao and TJ... I also thought TJ would get smoked... However, he fought like a freakin' master.

    As for Barao, he is still a beast but TJ's timing was just superb. I guess Barao did not expect that much mobility from a wrestler, nor that level of striking. Maybe he expected a lot of take downs.

    Glad to see a first strap for Team Alpha male. Can't wait to see if Mendes will do the same.

    Remember the Roger Banister thing... He ran the mile under 4 minutes, then a bunch did it after. Some of the Nova Unio mystic has peeled off tonight... but just a little bit. Barao and Aldo are still two beasts. It is still one of the top camps in the world and they will come back with a vengeance. Stay tuned ;-)
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    TJ has always been a fun fighter to watch.....,my last post was before the fight in a thread saying TJ has all the tools to hurt him standing and take it late in the fight...

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    Nobody will ever run a mile in under a minute.

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