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May 3, 2007
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Has anyone used or seen the Title mma shorts? I can't seem to find any info on them and would like some seeing as how I can get them a bit more cheaper thru my school
Comparable to Sprawl/Cagewalk depending on the model that you get.
TITLE MMA Fight Shorts from Title MMA

Seems Title's havin' a sale 'til the end of the week and the shorts are $25 each. Anybody have a pair or at least a little more insight as to whether or not this deal is worth it? At that price they're in Truth/CageWalk territory so I can't see it being too bad of a deal even if they're not the greatest shorts in the world and they're at least somewhat "comparable to Sprawls" as another poster suggested.
I wouldn't necessarily say they are comparable to sprawls but they do have some of the same features. Elastic waist, internal drawstring, split seams, and spandex crotch. The material though is your standard thin polyester and the cut is a bit shorter. Having said that, they are decent shorts. I haven't had any problems with mine. After 5 months they are still in great shape. The stitching and materials are holding up very well. For $25 it's a hard deal to pass up and I myself ordered a few more pairs. Here's the ones I have.
thanks for the info, for 25 bucks i figured i'd give them a shot. they also got throwdown (rampage edition) mma gloves for 20 bucks. ordered both last night.