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Titan 40 - JZ vs Assuncao

Discussion in 'MMA Betting Discussion' started by EzFlyer, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. null Gold Belt

    Nov 21, 2013
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    Great job by Freddy Assuncao to submit JZ Cavalcante. Wish he would have waited two more minutes though. Four dogs out of five bettable fights hit if you count Torres with his late line movement. Tiny profit of .23 units is better than losing.

    Titan FC 40 Results

    Jose Torres (+145) vs Abdiel Velazquez $100.00 for $145.00= $145.00
    Desmond Green wins inside distance (-140) vs James Freeman $70.00 for $50.00= -$70.00
    Anderson Dos Santos wins inside distance (+120) vs Andrew Whitney $50.00 for $60.00= -$50.00

    Round Robin parlay Risking $100.00 (10 parlays at $10.00) To Win $278.98= -$1.39

    Freddy Assuncao/Gesias Cavalcante Over 3½ (-115)
    Abdiel Velazquez/Jose Torres Under 3½ (+130)
    Desmond Green (-380) vs James Freeman
    Andrew Whitney/Anderson dos Santos Under 2½ (-105)
    DJ Linderman/Derrick Mehmen Under 1½ (+140)
    Total Profit= $23.61
  2. chemmy Green Belt

    May 9, 2002
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    Took a small loss. Should've just stuck with Torres instead of trying to force action on JZ and the under 1.5 in the Green fight. Feel like I know better but was looking for action and paid for it. Ah well, let's get that cash tomorrow.
  3. mkess101 Not the hero he deserves, but the hero he needs

    Sep 24, 2007
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    Bet Torres when he jumped to +145 and won 2.9u, then lost 1u on o3.5 for JZ/Assuncao.

    Only two bets and won 1.9u so works for me.

    Torres a legit prospect. UFC 2017 for sure.

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