tips on leg riding (hs wrestling)


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Jul 3, 2007
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hey after a hard and long season of mastering the basics im just starting to learn how to ride legs (i made it to regionals and ended up getting legs on this kid and not knowing what to do =P) im gonna be a sophomore and im pretty much built for leg riding, im 5'11 135 pounds.

just wondering if any1 had tips or advice on riding legs
learn how to ride your opponent without getting bucked off or losing position, don't get to high on him and learn to really leverage into power halfs, learn how to break him down... that should get you started.
Here is the key, no lazy leg rides.. and break him down first.. THEN put the legs in. A leg ride is not meant to be a lazy move.
there are alot of different ways to ride legs. some guys use alot of pressure like hayliks described. some guys just hangh on and roll with their opponent.

when your opponent is flat on on his belly, his legs should be sticking up in the air. when you have that, you have the right pressure.

master the power half, its the single best move in top wrestling for HS.

dont get too high.

dont thread the ankle... keep your feet in his crotch and arch your back.

learn tilts. a long guys with leg riding skills is tough if he has the tilt game to match. you can become a techfall guru.

learn how to get a leg in from a few positions.

most good leg riders, that was my game in hs too, do nothing but play legs from top. its not really a part time thing. its either your go to position, or dont mess with it, it will get you in trouble. so in practice, throw ina leg ever single time until you can take a nap on top and not get thrown off or too high
Yeah, the worst are lazy leg riders, but good ones can wreck havoc with tilts and power halfs.
and keep your hips glued to your opponents hip if you are riding with just one in or both they should always be right against his, learn to switch your hips when tilting with the legs and come up with 2 or 3 ways to get the legs in, once people know your a legger they will start blocking your A1 entry so you need A2 and A3 ready, personally I learned to choke ride and crab ride b/c people tried to stop my legs coming in...also it seems like your going to be cradles are great for keeping ppl from balling up on you.
Everyone's mostly hit on all the advice I had, I will say, you are built for it, so do it, but do it right, like someone ahead of me said, if you half-ass it it WILL get you beat, so even though a lot of teams dont work a lot on countering a good leg rider, there ARE some that do, so be ready when you find one that does...I personally loved it when someone tried to throw legs that didn't know how, but when you run into someone that can do it well they're tough to beat, good luck and the only other advice I have is that the only way to learn the leverage part of it (and that's a big part) is to do it...and do it....and do it a bunch more, while you're in practice work the shit out of it

Riding Legs in wrestling = Total Domination. Seriously, I loved riding legs and I do believe it is the best series from the top.

I suggest you pratice just staying on top of your opponent. Get legs on your partner and have them just go crazy trying to escape. Your partner should be rolling, sitting out, standing, etc. trying to get you off him. Once you become fully comfortable that your opponent can't buck you, then your finishing moves will be much easier. A key to staying on top is, of course, not getting high. To prevent yourself from getting high, double underhook your opponent (if both legs are in). This will ensure that your hips are on his hips. Also, if you start to get high grab your ankle with your opposite hand. This creates a figure fours (almost) and allows you to tighten your leg around your opponent.

Too many kids try to ride legs when they are not comfortable. Anytime you have legs in, it should be impossible to be reversed.
Make sure to go across the body with your torso, arch your back especially if he's trying to shake you. Put your other foot under his other foot (the one you don't have legs sunk on) or I just grab it sometimes for balance. Make sure never to get too high. From there I usually do power halves or a kickover the body and crossface.

Man I love legs.
thanks for the advice guys

yeah im just riding them out with a leg in and then when they get tired i guillotene or superman.

gotta work on my tilts tho their kinda bad
Oh yeah when you're cross body make sure you elbow is by his armpit and when you power half and you get him to the mat REACH, switch to scissors and grab his arm for the pin.