Tips and Tricks for sinking in the Matta Leao


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Oct 19, 2005
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Like it says. Please share your tips and tricks (Gi and No-Gi) for sinking in a tight matta leao. I find taking the back is easy for me but once I get there the finish by choke stalls out. I usually end up finishing by armbar or something? Any of you had this problem? What did you do to fix it? I'm working on my harness right now but any extra help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Don't get discourgaged. The main thing to remember is that you do not have to get under the chin. You can tap people out by turning your opp's head, placing your forearm across their chin and triangling your arms (basically a really powerful cross face from the back and very painful). I also often use this as a decoy. I will start to squeeze the chin, while pulling back on the head. That opens up the neck, so I switch my grip (ie, if I had by right hand across the chin I will sweep my left hand under and relock the RNC on the other side).

That is kind of my favorite, though there are many more possibilities.
That is some sweet advice and something I had not been trying. I'm gonna make note of that and hopefully implement that next time I roll. Keep em coming guys.
have your tried to , instead of using hooks, figure 4 ing the opponent? it will take the air away from him and add another concern: it is painful as hell. If you do that, you
Yeah actually this is what I normally do, I prefer the figure four to the hooks. My main problem is getting past their defense and getting on their throat.
In real life just punch 'em.

Any other tips on how to get their arms out of the way though? I have terrible luck getting chokes from the back, I usually fake around until I can get an armbar opening up.
try using your hooks and pushing an arm down and killing it underneath your you now have 2 arms against one
My favourite is to put the back of your elbow against their temple (so putting your left elbow against their right temple and vice versa) this is a very powerful position as its your back muscles against their neck and once you've driven the head to the side you have a nice channel across the neck in which to sink the choke. This is especially effective form back mount.

Cross faces also work but will make you very unpopular, its also illegal in some competitions.