Time for some Sex Ed folks


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Apr 8, 2002
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This conversation really took place, the names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

Part One: The ignorance

HayatoMachSakrai: Im getting hookers after the show since I cannot drink
crazypunkmother: you're not only getting hookers, you're getting AIDS
HayatoMachSakrai: hahahah, Im getting condoms
crazypunkmother: and crabs
HayatoMachSakrai: plus when im about to nut and take out my schlong and bust a nut on her face.... cannot get stds that way
crazypunkmother: you are a fucking idiot if you believe that

Part Two: The education

HayatoMachSakrai: I can get stds busting a nut on her face, what?
crazypunkmother: by the time you take your dick out of her infested cunt, you'll already have whatever disease you're gonna get
HayatoMachSakrai: I doubt that hooker will get off while im hit it....
crazypunkmother: she doesnt need to get off to give you a disease you fucking idiot
HayatoMachSakrai: for real?
im always here to educate the ignorant
Shaking head in disgust...

and this is 25 years into the AIDS pandemic.
sadly Ronin, you did say all of that...
Originally posted by The Ronin
you asshole... i never wrote that.

I may be intelligent but i'm not so clever i could make up something as classic as that.
wow...I got nothing to say right now..damn...school? anyone?
nutbustingonface...the "new" safe sex....:)
Sorry Ronin but when i saw that i just about exploded with laughter.
Rise my pretty, rise from the depths...
Don't help people like that out! They need to be excused from our gene pool...
uugghhhh this causes pain... when I was in college there were a paid of twin that insisted a girl could be pregnant by swimming in a pool where a boy had previously ejaculated...and they were serious... talking over and over with them didnt change their belief until we dragged their asses to see a doctor.

More then hating the ignorance of these young people because of their lack of interest in getting properly educated I wish their parents would just...vanish
Don't worry about any STD's we all know they're easily beaten with Tylenol...
Originally posted by J-Garden

crazypunkmother: she doesnt need to get off to give you a disease you fucking idiot

getting an STD before a girl climaxes is impossible. what are you gonna say next, that you can get a STD from a blowjob or eating a girl out while she's menstruating? Yeah, right.

-=//> Illbert <\\=-
please tell me you are being sarcastic
No. He's serious. Don't give him too much shit though, he's only 12...