Time for a new rashguard...


Oct 3, 2004
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Help me out here, been a long time since I've been looking for these things, my rednose was nice but i realized it was so thick...

Preferably short sleeved... and I'm somewhat of a superficial person, lol, so a rashguard with some cool graphics couldn't hurt.
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hey from all I've seen and heard xfgear.com will be your best bet. you can have whatever you want put on it as well. check them out.
xfgear is the way to go. I just have a couple of plain ones but they are nice. Not thick at all. I also have Sprawl loose fit tops which are great. I just like the tight fit better.

For cool graphics the custom xfgear is definitely the one for you. Excellent product.
just go to a sporting goods store and get a dry fit type of shirt. Usually less expensive and to me it's not as trendy as it once was to have fancy rash guards. I think it's better to go low profile with a t-shirt or fairly nice to standard styling dry fit shirt. Fancy rash guards are too pretentious

Check out XFgear. Short sleeve, Custom graphics, custom stiching, and if they could have a hot chick give you a massage they would. But I think the shirt is enough. www.xfgear.com

Best Wishes,
XFGeear from what I hear owns all.
NOGI rashguarsds look nice as well. And the price is right on, lower than most for a l/s.
Hey Chris,

When are you going to get some new short sleeve rash guards in? I noticed that they are still on backorder.
We can hook you up with a top notch rashguard . Our short sleeves are only $25. You can buy direct from us or from one of our dealers like SSF listed above.
Xfgear per user reviews is the bomb now . But have someone tried ours yet? Ours have a difference where the stitches are covered. We stand behind our products and we are always looking for improvement. Also we carry several others , according to people budget.

Cheers and way to go XFG !

XFGear for sure, I have reviewed both the long and shorts sleeve ones. I'm at a public computer b/c I just moved and dont have internet yet :icon_cry2 But when I get my PC back online Ill post the links (I cant get the search to pick them up).
XF gear, XF Gear, XF gear. The best quality rashguards you can possibly buy today and they will customise them to suit your wishes or needs. I have been working with Paul to get the design I want and he has been incredibly helpful and friendly throughout the process. You couldn't ask for better gear or nicer staff.
We have some short sleeve in now in Black and only XL's in White