Tim Sylvia's fighting stance, what do you think?


The Silencer

Yes, it looks funny and with Tim Sylvia's size he reminds me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

But all kidding aside, what do you guys think about his stance?

I've tried it a few times in practice, and honestly I feel it's the best way to protect your chin.

How come more fighters don't use it? I think it's because...I fight orthodox, and with my chin being tucked into my left shoulder to the point that it's glued, it makes it real difficult to throw 3 punch combos or unleash furies like Chuck.

Yes, it's common sense to keep your chin tucked during stand-up. But Tim's stance is completely different, his shoulder is practically blocking the entire side of his left face.

With this stance, there isn't ANY room between your jaw and your shoulder, whereas with other fighters their jaws are completely out in the open waiting to be rocked. I don't want to rely on relexes and bobbing/weaving to avoid punches, it's better to stay safe and apply the stance throughout the whole fight.

And yes, I know about Tim getting rocked by Arlovski...there's always a chance it can happen, but you can always do your best in preventing it and I feel this stance is the best way of doing so.
Tim's stance kind of takes away a lot of power from his jab. Honsetly, I prefer to have my hips square on to my opponent.

The stance is something you can only get away with when you are big and strong like Tim.
Tim Sylvia isn't the guy you want to emulate if you want good standup. Look at someone from k-1 instead.
Yeah he doesnt do well as a striker at all. I think of him as more of a shoot boxer really. Although i have only seen em fight 4 maybe 5 times but its all about feeling comfortable and efficient as far as your stance goes.
Actually lots of boxers have the same stance. It seems to be effective.
Im sure his stance is improvign as he trains and get smore experiece but lmbering arond like Godzilla in the cage is just stupid iMO.
Each to his own. Sakuraba had the weirdest stance of all and he was p4p the best fighter in the world back in the day. Wanderlei also has a stance which although is good, makes it look unorthodox.
Arona puts his chin out like he's never tried standup before.

Use whatever works best for you.
I like Kostya Tsyzu's and Mirko CroCop's stance. They keep that forward hand out to block jabs really effectively and measure there opponent.
It depends on your style. I love the Sylvia-type stance, and use it all the time boxing. Combined with holding your right hand on your right cheek and your hands high, it is very hard to get rocked when you use it -- basically you are only vulnerable to straight punches, and only the 1/2 is likely to get you.

There is no real disadvantage that I know of, except that some people have a hard time with stamina keeping their shoulder up, and you also have to keep your lead hand out relatively far from your face (i.e. you gotta pick your shoulder or your hand, not both).

Most guys with superb boxing defense you will see have mastered the shoulder roll. Keeping your shoulder high is just a variant on the roll, better if you don't have Toney-type reflexes and skillz. It's particularly effective D if you have good reach and a stiff jab -- like Sylvia.
Oh, re Kostya and Mirko -- I think you are recalling them fighting as southpaw (Mirko's natural stance), or v. southpaw (as with orthodox Kostya's big fights against Judah/Mitchell). That's different, since opposite stance fighters tend to stand around with their lead hands pawing at and blocking each other a lot. Otherwise you generally block the jab with your rear hand, if both fighters have the same stance.
Tim got good striking skills.. sometimes he just goes buck wild and throws flurries
From what i've seen of silvia he knocks people out!!!
his stance seems to be very similar to Royce gracie in that he kind of stamps forward a bit but he adopted a slightly different style in his fight with tre tellingman so he could throw kicks
Tong Po from Kickboxer had the best stance ever!!! lol
personally i like tim sylvia's stance, mostly because his stance & style is very similar to mine:)
I personally like a stance that's a little looser, i just don't feel comfertable with my chin tucked in the whole time.
dan severns has the best stance. hands up far apart ready for axe kicks or spinning low kicks