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May 29, 2005
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while rich franklin's skills standing have been examined quite clearly i am curious to get feedback regarding his opp skillset...

Personally i like quarry's style and his skillset; i think it fits his phys attributes and abilities (i.e. heavy hands..chin..physical durability and strength), now i think most of what he does is basic at best. B

But what i like is that he has a solid understanding of the basics, he does nothing outstandin; but he puts his punches together well, works the body, fights on the inside, sets up his shots and punches in combo. More importantly he is very measured and controlled in his striking, he does not over extend or press or get wild; everything is short..hard and precise, i rarely see him off balance or out of position. He picks people apart and puts them out w/stiff hard counters..

what i like about him is his calm..even in his fight w/sell; who has good power aggression and good handspeed, quarry did not get flustered when he was getting out landed in exchanges. He covered up, spun off and fired back; most impressively was how he got caught w/the shot and caught sell w/the counter right (if i rememebr and put him out), he faked/threw that left and knew sell did not have the exp/skill to block and counter or punch w/him. He realized sell would pull back instead of blocking and spinning out; as a result he landed the shot and sent sell home.

that is a real small thing; but u have to be very precise calm and tech to pick up on that flaw 2min into a fight, baroni never caught onto that and as a result could never quite land clean shots and kept overextending and not getting full power on them, an what worse he was getting caught and knocked around cus of the balance issue.

i think rich is very dynamic and fluid and has alot of power; but w/quary he won't have as much oppenings to go for, cus quarry goes through his progressions and def checks; he does not try to open up and bomb u out. He tries to box u pick u apart and then put u away; plus he has a great chin he can take shots, an w/his power rich can't just open up on him w/out the risk of being put away himself..

what do u guys think of quarry's standup..his he matches up w/rich or someone like loiseau
his standup is good and controlled but rich will take him out
He does not look very relaxed when he's striking so his strikes look slow and akward, it's like he's got the mechanics and form, but he's pushing his punches rather than being relaxed and having them snap.

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