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Thoughts for the night.


Apr 28, 2007
Reaction score
card rating: A. only bad fight was leben/brunson.

Moraga/Cariaso was amazing. Cariaso hunting the head kick, Moraga landing counters. Very close through two rounds, then Moraga finds a 3rd sound sub to leave it out of the judges.

duffee looked good but not great.

holloway is not as good as we thought.

tuf shows it's still relevant, as tuf 15's jury (who lost to iaquinta on the show) dominates the supposed next big prospect (and tuf 12 finalist) michael johnson.

wineland is a tough fight for anybody with his wrestling and boxing. still don't understand how benavidez outstruck him.

leben and brunson are not ufc level.

belcher gave the fight away against okami. okami went for the same takedown 3 times, and all 3 times belcher countered. from there, okami looked to sweep, and instead of trying to return standing, belcher attacked a guillotine, losing position all three times. great fight, but belcher lost on gameplanning.

boetsch looked better than expected. wrestling looked solid and he was landing hsi front kick very well. phillipou showed why he's considered a top middleweight though.

miller/lauzon was good, but not great. miller simply beat him to the punch all night, and without the blood, this fight would have been considered pretty average.

and most improtantly....

FUCK sherdog. JDS looked amazing out there. He shrugged all of cain's takedown attempts with ease in the first round. Cain was just ultra aggressive and hurt him early. It's a miracle how JDS was able to repeatedly return to his feet every time cain took him down. JDS can still beat Overeem, albeit it'll be a good fight.

Regardless, I don't like the word fluke, but after Cain/JDS 2, ask yourself what happens when JDS and Cain fight 20 times. Cain showed he is the better fighter tonight, and that he would likely do the same in a third fight.
Always crazy to see a fighter get beat up for the first time. Hope JDS comes back strong. Still one of the best HW's the sport has seen.

In a way I'm glad Cain won so there will be a rubber match.
The Benavidez fight was an anomaly. That's pretty clear. Wineland got hit early and never really did anything past that. Also Benavidez is a stud, and was always a very very fast 135er so there's that. He beat Pickett like I thought he would, longer better boxer, I thought Pickett would dive more for takedowns. Also, Pickett is almost 35, food for thought.

Biggest disappointment was easily Holloway, maybe it was the late notice but he didn't look great once Garcia found a way to put him on his back foot.

Belcher screwed the bed again, he has a history of doing this early in his career - Remember this is a guy who fought like a moron against Grove, he's not a shinning example of fight IQ he tends to lose fights he should win.

Miller is awesome period.

Costa isn't as good as I thought he was, but he's still a solid MW with a lot of upside.

Cain is a monster, JDS has heart but this fight should remind people why a lot of well respected Fans and Analysts that Cain was the future GOAT at HW. Hopefully we get a third bout.