Those who train in Jiu Jitsu: This is for you.


Mar 9, 2005
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I thought this would be a pretty cool thread, to those who train in Jiu Jitsu, describe what your class is like, (e.g. what you train in, how long, how often, etc)

I'll do the same once others post..
Used to be 1.5 hours, Chris Malgieri's school (shameless plug) Martial Arts Unlimited over in South East Michigan had some great guys there. Never got in as much as I'd hoped to because of work mainly. He had some very tough programs for the guys that wanted to do it. Usually it was a combined, 1.5 hours of Thai followed by 1.5 hours of Sub Wrestling. Tues and Thurs. He had a good deal though at the school for 100 bucks a month he'd let you come in and use the gym equipment, mats, bags, ring anytime you wanted so long as he was there. Seemed like he lived it was almost always open. Started with warm ups, about 45 min technical and then about a half hour rolling, or whenever you got tired. Some classes went on til 10:30 at night cuz guys just wanted to hang out and roll. Great atmostphere.
BJJ 2 times a week for 2 hours each day. One hour of technique, one hour of sparring. You will not progress unless you do it at least twice a week. Period.

Also I do no-gi jiu jitsu and wrestling 1-2 times a week, same format. I train at ROC in NC which is a Royce Gracie affiliate school.

Commit yourself to 2 days a week. Stick with it. Then branch out into the other stuff.

Oh, tournaments are great because they give you goals and real-time contests.
I train BJJ 3 times a week. Instructor is a Roger Gracie purple belt. Usually about 12-16 people at each class, although it can be up to 20 and as low as 4 or 5 on a Sunday.

Mon: 1hr 45mins.
Thur: 1hr 30mins.
Sun: 2hrs.

Warmup is 15-25mins. Then about 45mins to an hour of technique, then rolling to finish off.
Tuesdays and Thursdays early morning. Judo. Practice tuesdays Judo techniques and chokes and Thursdays armbars/escapes/ new techniques.

Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 8 PM. Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

1 hour and a half daily at lunch time just pure grappling with other students. some days stand up judo. Other days the sensei gives specific drills or even teaches weapons training.

Saturday - 8am to 11am - New techniques, randori

Sunday rest...
training bjj twice a week at renzo's currently, but i do unlimited ( about 5x a week) during the school year when i dont have a dead-end job to keep. about 2 hours a session. between 15 and god knows how many people are there at a time (maybe 50 on busy days). training is about 15 minutes of warmups, drilling throws, drilling/learning techniques, randori (recently its been about 50-50 standup and ground randori, often going king of the hill for first points from standing, which is fun)
2x a week
20 min stretch/ warm up
instructor shows up 3 variations of some move then we practice that for around 20 min
then roll for 30 min
followed by 10 min more running/situps/ pushups ect
20min. stretch and warmup with drills or calisthetics.
40min. learn 2-3 techniques (sweeps, passing guard, takedowns, etc)
roll for 30 min.
open mat
5 days a week.

3 days a week (with gi):
15 minute warmup / stretching
15 minutes Gracie self defense
30 minutes takedowns and takedown defense (wrestling and judo)
30-40 minutes ground work. What we're doing for gorund work depends on what phase we're in. We spend 2 to 3 months on guard, side mount, mount and back mount. So it takes almost a year to cover all positions.
1 to 2 hours open mat

1 day a week (gi)
1.5 to 2 hours open mat sparring

1 day a week (no gi)
same format as the 3 days a week gi, but sometimes open mat sparring can go 2+ hours

nyhcloyalty said:
I thought this would be a pretty cool thread, to those who train in Jiu Jitsu, describe what your class is like, (e.g. what you train in, how long, how often, etc)

I'll do the same once others post..
Train twice a week, I know, the shame of only training twice is unbearable! But all the clubs have shut down for the summer, so all the Judokas can go fishing and hunting and get fat and lazy. No wonder this stinking territory has yet to produce a national champion!
Me and a green belt train hard tho', 2 times aweek like I said, for 1.5-2hours a pop.
15-20 minutes of warming up with arm lock drills, 3 x 20 from bottom, 3 x 20 from mount. Guard pass drills and neck clinching. Then we roll for the rest of the class.
Rollinjg with only one partner is not my idea of ideal at all, btw! But because this guy is better than me, it's okay for me, plus we get to do leg-locks, which none of the BB would allow if they were actually there instead of wankin' off somewhere. I do alot of stuff by myself: lifting, running, bw exercises. I wanna cream them, the BB's, when the summer is over- last year I tapped two of them out, but they said it's no big deal cuz I used a rnc when they gave their back and I could never roll them over!