Third shift and screwy schedule,Help?


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May 25, 2008
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Here's the rundown.I'm 6ft 270 lbs,never lifted weights but have always worked physical jobs and trained/fought in one martial art or another.In other words i'm muscular and fairly powerful with some pudge around the middle,more twinky than cupcake as a friend would say :icon_chee.Havn't trained in a few years and am looking to get back in fighting trim,235lbs.I'll be applying the Seven rules,taking a multi-vitamin and fish oil.My schedule is third shift 10 p.m-6:30 a.m.My wife's schedule varies between first and second shift and we have a 2 year old so some days I get to bed as soon as I get home and some days i'm up till she gets home at 2 in the afternoon.My plan is to do my workout in the morning after work as the kid is still sleeping (maybe getting it in before work would be better?) Is there any advice,nutritional or otherwise from you all?Any effect as to timing of meals,things to avoid eating before sleep,etc.I've been reading the faq for the last few days but it's all still very new to me and some advice concerning my specific circumstrance would be both most helpful and very appreciated.
Read the FAQ and just adjust according to your schedule. I am in the same boat as you, and I realize it's tough. I work 6pm - 6am with a hour+ commute each way.
Opinions will differ on when you should do your workout, but personally I prefer before going to work. I find it easier to stay awake all night after working out for one. I also think it's easier to motivate my self to get up and get going than it is to motivate myself to go after working all night. Just my 2 cents.