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  1. I was wondering if thermogenics/fat burners really work, and what would be the best ones to take. I'm 6ft, 194 lbs, I've lost roughly 40lbs in the last 6 months, I totally changed my eating habits. I currently take NO-XPLODE, Cell Tech, Muscle Milk, Detour bars, and vitamins. I'm happy about how i look compared to how i used to, but theres just a little bit of fat that i want to get rid of and tighten up. I am considering Hydroxycut, everything I hear about it is good. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    Caffeine and Green Tea Extract.

    Otherwise, use the search ("fat loss", "weight loss", "lose weight", "thermogenics", etc.)
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    thermos work only when incorporated with a proper diet and workout. It looks like your gettin your eating habits down good given your results.

    try incorporating thermos with HIIT running

    need more info on HIIT running

    btw i realize i pimp this article alot but it is a good read for anyone interested in HIIT

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