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The OFFICIAL recommended daily breakdown of nutrients


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Oct 19, 2007
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Yesterday, the Seargon General just came out with a new breakdown of what you need to eat. It's a lot different from the old one.

30% Carbohydrates
20% Fat
10% Protein
20% Alcohol
20% Pussy
link to Source? :D
Although I think pussy should be 100%
You get all the vitamins and minerals you need from that alone, :icon_lol:
20% pussy? Thats just stupid! Everybody knows that it must be more! 20%... The labcoats again recomend the bare minimum, just above the starvaton limit. Its like the recomendations of vitamins and minerals, way too low for anybody else than a sedantry couchpotato.

I wonder who was lobbying this one. I bet its the christian democrats.

20%... Damn conservatives...
As long as you feed your pussy a complete and natural diet, you should be on Easy St. with 95% pussy 5% alcohol (if it's clear and not hella sugary.)