The most awesome technique that ultimately didn't matter


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Nov 22, 2005
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I'm sure there are a lot of awesome strikes, takedowns and other techniques that have been forgotten, due to the fact that they ultimately didn't matter or were overshadowed by more significant techniques in the same match.

My top 3:

1) Schaub vs Rothwell
Schaub feints with a jab, drops down as if going for a double leg, then spins around with a beautiful spinning elbow in a Matrix-like double feint, sending Rothwell staggering backwards. Against a lesser chin, this would have been a KO of legends. Unfortunately, this fight will only be remembered as the time Schaub grappled his soul.


2) Belcher vs Akiyama
Just as Akiyama starts taunting Alan, the Talent plants his foot on the cage and flies forward with a beautiful superman punch that lands perfectly. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to sway the judges, Alan Belcher lost this fight by split decision, but he did get a fight of the night bonus and a highlight reel that will be used for years to come.


3) Velasquez vs Dos Santos II
Dana White called this the most overwhelming beatdown in any heavyweight title fight and I think everyone will remember the highlights of Cain's beautiful right hands, his takedowns and his final headkick. However, there fight included another beautiful display of technique, eclipsed by Cain's dominant display, namely Junior's beautiful reverse elbow strikes with his back against the cage. I can't help but wonder if Anderson Silva taught him those, I've never seen anyone do that technique as part of takedown defense - much less land the same technique four or five times in a single fight. I think a lot of other heavyweights would have been put away by those reverse elbows, they were nasty. And beautiful.

Unfortunately, I don't have a gif of this. Please post one if you have it.
Carlos Condit's headkick that dropped GSP
Carlos Condit drop kicking Rory Macdonald at the end of a round.