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The Leptin/Diet


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Jun 19, 2012
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I keep hearing the hype surrounding Leptin. Can someone please explain its role in the body and weight loss?
Are there any recommendations how to manage its levels apart from "eat healthy and exercise"? Is it just another trendy topic in weight loss industry?

I understand that is acts as appetite suppressant. the thing is - ever since I was a kid I always felt hugry and could eat a lot without feeling full. To be honest sometimes when I eat at buffet at maximum capacity- I start craving sweets and ice cream when I come back home..... BADLY.
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Leptin circulates at levels directly proportional to body fat.
It enters the central nervous system in proportion to its plasma concentration.
Its receptors are found in brain neurons involved in regulating energy intake and expenditure.
It controls food intake and energy expenditure by acting on receptors in the mediobasal hypothalamus.[15]
Here is what wikipedia says.
I saw a local health program on TV here saying how buckwheat promotes leptin production. Then again, they were Korean doctors and I don't always trust Korean doctors.
Unless you're studying this out of academic curiosity or for the purpose of intellectual masturbation, I wouldn't really think about it too much. Knowing about leptin won't make you develop a successful diet plan. It's really just a trendy topic outside of the academic community right now. Doesn't have any real world applications for most people.

That goes for most hormones too. Knowing about them really doesn't matter for 99% of people.