the hours before training?

El Gringo

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Feb 24, 2005
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what should i eat and what should i do during the five hours before i go to train?
I'd say a meal 4 or 5 hrs before, then a protein shake 1 hr before, then some quick simple carbs imediately before the training (i like to drink an electrolyte drink made by Endura).
Simple after question:

After the work out, should you make a protein shake, or a meal.

I find that after lifting for an hour. I get really hungry within 30 minutes of my workout.
regarding after training. Take a gainerdrink immediately after traning, (fast carbs and protein), and after 1 hour, eat like hell... watch porn, go to sleep...
Carbs. Nothing heavy. Fruit is good. Protein or fat will be heavy and put a strain on your digestive track. When fighting your adreline is up, so digestive is stopped. No need to have something heavy sitting in your gut when you train. Eat all the protein and fat when your done training to recover.