The Guard: Outtakes Pt. 3

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    More previously unreleased material from The Guard, starring Joe Moreira, posted on 1/3/05:

    A third round of previously unreleased outtakes from The Guard is now up for your edification and viewing pleasure at .

    Go to the Bonus Material section at the bottom of the home page. This third installment of Bonus Material consists of 10 pages of sweeps against a standing opponent. Six techniques are shown.

    More outtakes will be posted at later this month but you will need The Guard book to get the passwords.

    If you have not already checked out be sure to see the many free excerpts from our two books and an article on no-gi guard passing which includes a heel hook variation not many people know. There are currently 50 picture packed pages of technique posted on the site. If you have the books then you know that that is a lot of information.

    The material downloads at 300 dots per inch and prints well in color or black and white.

    Click the
  2. very nice thanks much
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    kumamoto, japan
    Great book

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