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Jul 24, 2002
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Anyone have any insight on this? Obviously it works...Mike "The Prowler" Fowler was a Purple Belt last year...A Brown Belt at this years Beast of the East...and now a Black Belt!! Not too bad...2 High Belts in less than a year. My opinion is that Lloyd Irvin is using the American way of the "I want it now" approach. Otherwise he wouldn't be offering a Balck Belt in 3.5 years.
There are dozens of threads on this. The Grappling Blue Print has not come out yet, it doesn't yet exist. Lloyd issued the Grappling Game Plan instead.

Just because Mike Fowler is a star grappler doesn't mean the Grappling Blueprint or Grappling Game Plan is a good product. Lloyd is a good coach by most people's account. But I bought the GGP and found it useless generic sports psychology. Many others have said the same thing. Some found it of some use. Lloyd's marketing techniques are straight out of the 18th century snake oil circles, in my humble opinion.
I just ordered the "Grappler's Gameplan." Based upon the above post by johil, I just sent them this email:

To sales at Grappler's Game Plan.

This is regarding my order ID: 10205592. If my order hasn't shipped yet, please refund my account for the full amount of $126 and cancel my order. I will still be willing to look into Lloyd's products in the future, but as for now, PLEASE cancel the order and return the money to my card. Thank you.
I'm thinking about the instructional's I can if they refund the $....

How are: Chuck Liddel's, Mike Swain, Igor Yakimov, Sakuraba, Mark Hatmaker, My Mixed Martial Arts with Denis Kang, THE TURTLE, Garica 3 ????

....Any suggestions?
The thing I've heard about the GGP is that it's basic sports psycology, thats geared towards grappling. Alot of people have been helped by it. But they also admit they could have gotten the information elsewhere (ie other books, videos, etc) had they bothered to compile it, and rewrite it for grappling. Not saying it does work or it doesn't work, but you can't take one example like Mike Fowler to base yoru purchase on. You don't know what his background was. (He could have been an all star wrestler, judo player, or super athlete). He may have been spending 5-6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day on his BJJ. Finally, he may have been getting a ton of privates. This isn't a knock against Lloyd. He's a great teacher and coach. But on the other hand, I beleive the GGP has a money back guarantee. Maybe try it and see what you think.
Go to google and put grappling blue print. there is like ten free lesson by email.
imo it is not worth the money!

i agree, pretty basic stuff
Go to google and put grappling blue print. there is like ten free lesson by email.

Why the hell would you bump a 2 year old thread to add that?