The difference between cardio boxing and real boxing



I have noticed that some places where they teach boxing is more cardio boxing than anything else. I don't know if they even spar. How can you tell the difference before paying for the class?
SteveSmith said:
I have noticed that some places where they teach boxing is more cardio boxing than anything else. I don't know if they even spar. How can you tell the difference before paying for the class?
What gym are you training at? They should have a schedule that gives a run down of the different types of training offered.
What the Hell is "cardio Boxing"...are you talking about like Tae Bo?
Yeah in some places they advertize it like a boxing class, but it's nothing more than a cardio class with no sparring.
Cardio boxing?? Why don't you just Shadow box at home?
There are lots of place that offer boxing classes for people who dont want to fight...just the workout/training. thats proabably what he is talking about.
Cardio boxing is to boxing what Tae Bo is to martial arts:

1) Done well, and aggressively, can help you build endurance and can be a worthwhile component of a well-rounded regimen.
2) Is not intended to teach good technique or fighting skill. You'll get a pair of boxing gloves probably a small free-standing heavybag (if anything) and spend a half hour or so surrounded by a bunch of flabby moms (and maybe one or two fit girl jocks) and go through motions intended to raise your pulse and get you breathing hard.

You might want to make a one-time investment in a small, free-standing bag of your own and maybe a DVD of some drills and work out in your living room. You'll save time and money in the long run and can set your own schedule (and not be distracted by sweaty, jiggling cellulite and shit music).
It depends, is the teacher Dana White?
Lot of "LOL"s in this thread, heh...

Anyway, don't ever pay to sign up at a gym until you have sit in on one or two training sessions, for the entire sessions, and watched everything. If you find it hard to walk in and watch what they're doing (i.e., the guy running the place doesn't want you to watch) then you should probably look somewhere else.

Really, you should be able to tell the difference just by watching what they're doing.
Heh I went to a few at LA fitness to help out my cardio, however they DO NOT teach real boxing ( or real kickboxing). All theirs is for is cardio and they do pushups and stuff. They do not teach proper technique, all they care about is getting that heart rate up. I boxed when I was in the army, and when I went to one of these classes, I was constantly getting frusterated at the "combo's" they throw. I agree that it is good cardio and still go to a kickboxing one just to get a work out, but I still do time on the heavy bag and shadow box later on.

To sum it up- Gym "cardio (kick)boxing" is good to help build cardio, however, you will not be taught proper technique. If you are hoping to learn, then seek out a school that teaches it.
it sounds to me like its just shadow boxing basically, and i wouldnt waste your time paying for that stuff if i was you. all you can really do is ask the trainer if they compete and spar, and if he says that they dont i would strongly advise finding somewhere else to train
Years ago, I signed up for a "boxing" class at a neighborhood Y; everyone had their hands wrapped ready to go and I figured that it was the real thing....As we did our drills, I got a lot of instruction on my technique which left me very puzzled until later...surprise surprise it was cardio boxing....well, they did do the hand wrapping part :)
Don't knock cardio kickboxing. I went to a cardio kickboxing class a couple months ago and I was the only guy in there. True there were many flabby soccer moms, but there were also about a dozen hotties in spandex that really APPRECIATED me being there
The only reason i think this thread is funny is the thread starter has done alot of threads that are a little odd or shall we say stupid
This is easy to tell -- if they have a ring, it's usually all good, because I guarantee that ring is for sparring. If there's no ring, then it's no good.

Also if it's in the ghetto, it's probably legit, if it's uptown, it's probably not.
If the gym has no ring, if the gym floor is not spattered with dried blood, if nobody spars, if there is no head gear or belly pads- then it is cardio boxing, or " Boxercise" as it is famously known.

1 good thing about Boxercise classes is that it is a great place to meet hot women! Other than this reason, I do not recommend Boxercise for a real fighter.