The book: passing the guard...


Dec 12, 2004
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I heard good things about it, is it the one written by Ed Beneville? Also it mostly focuses on passing the guard I'm guess... Did you hear good things about it, cuz my guard game needs imporvement.
Go to and if you get them both you get a reduced price of only 49.95. I think the offer still stands. I just met Ed the other day and filmed some stuff for an upcoming DVD we're doing. Very nice guy and I got my hands on a copy of his new book. It's very big, full color and very very detailed. Each technique probably has 15-20 pictures to explain it in different angles. If books are your thing, it doesn't get any better than the Beneville products.
I ordered it on for 22 dollars... I'll see how passing the guard is and think about getting the guard... I heard good shit out them.
Get them both. They are amazing. BJJ without the politics, just straight up moves, no bs, they share all their knowledge. It's also low priced, lot's of pictures all color and good explanations.

The only BJJ books you will need (Besides JJ Unleashed)
They are both AWESOME! I'll even do a review of "The Guard" in a couple of days...
It is very good and very detailed. It is even bigger than their previous book Passing the Guard.

If you can learn from books then the two books by Beneville should be at the top of your 'must-get' list

Stephan Kesting