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Feb 20, 2002
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Name the top five reasons for anything on your mind:

Top Five Reasons why Money can't hold my sack.

5. His friends are always like "Sure he's up on current events but he polishes knob like a six fingered senior with alzheimers."

4. Third job as a filling inspector for Krispy Kreme is making his fingers too sticky to work the keyboard.

3. Money in need of financial backing trucks down to Wal-Mart holding a sign that says "Can't hold Razor's sack but will suckle yours for food."

2. I was all like, "Dude, yah back off the crack for a sec and I'll hook yah up with some bud." and he's all like "Force of pipe is equal to or greater than In n' Out initial IPO."

1. His lil paws are just too fuckin' small.

Oh, the joy this can bring.
Punkmother and Fat Bobby post somethin yah funny bastards.
Top 5 reasons why I want to leave work.

5. I'm tired.

4. I want to play X box

3. I want to watch a Pride video.

2. I want mom's home cookin.

1. I have very bad diareah
MMMMMM brown, loose stool, thats a fine cup of joe.
5 reasons why weebles wobble but they don't fall down


actually I have no idea...

why the fuck did i think of something as stupid as this in the first place and why is it secretly money's fault.....
top 5 reasons I love my wife:

5) She lets me fuck other women

4) She lets me fuck other women

3) She lets me fuck other women

2) She's willing to have another 3some

1) She lets me fuck other women
5 reasons I love Tiki's wife

5. She fucks other guys

4. She fucks other guys

3. She fucks other guys

2. She fucks other guys

1. She fucks other guys

J/K bro ;)
Hahahahaha. She will LB, she will. Once she loses some pounds, and feels a little better about her body, she will.
Top five reasons why I can't train my dog to do anything.

5. I smoke too much crack and when I get to high he starts talking back.

4. I am too envious of his ability to pull bitches.

3. I tell him to sit and proceeds to sniff my wifes crotch and eats his own ass; I'm thinking there's a language barrier.

2. He is secretly plotting to steal my car and frame me for a hit and run so he can have the house all to himself.

1. His narcolepsy makes it difficult for him to catch a ball when he's falling asleep midstride.
That was pretty damn good there Money.

It's people like you that keep people like me in business.
Top 5 Reasons to Log off of Sherdog

5. Razor
4. Tiki
3. J-Garden
2. LeftBench
1. Money

My pic is not my avatar, thats Jack Black. But the top 5 list was excellent money! Did u not find mine as witty as I did?
Waylander and his five reasons to stay logged on to Sherdog:

5. He is oh so funny in that Gallagher way staying will teach him the finer pointer of sarcasm and wit.

4. Money he's funny and well, he's funny.

3. Me, I am a fucking degenerate monster whore of belly laughs.

2. You can instructions on how to remove the stick.

1. J-Garden is funnier than Jack Black and you are attracted to his refreshing masculine scent.
Originally posted by Waylander
Top 5 Reasons to Log off of Sherdog

5. Razor
4. Tiki
3. J-Garden
2. LeftBench
1. Money

Goddamnit!!! Why am I only 4 mofo? Surely I would rate higher than LB, at the very least. That list is screwed.

Bah, I say, says I.
Top 5 reasons I keep coming to "Off Topic"

1) I'm bored

2) Can't wait to read another Wushu thread about ass eating

3) MMA forum is clogged up with "Would Bruce Lee do well in MMA?" or "Which WWE wresters would do well in MMA?"

4) Asian Rottie thread on Pics & Multi-Media can't seem to stay on first page

5) Great place to read about Tiki's wife
Originally posted by RAZOR

1. J-Garden is funnier than Jack Black and you are attracted to his refreshing masculine scent.

Thanks for the compliment but is Turpentine and urine really masculine?
Dude, I was just sayin its hotter than puke and diesel fuel.
Ahh that was friday night, those guys shouldn't have touched my shopping cart filled with tin cans.....
Originally posted by Money
Five people who have put pics up of themselves who shouldn't have
5. New Wamie Hamie
Haha bastard!

Top five reasons why money wont put a pic up!
5. Once the posters on off topic findout that he is a 12yearold boy, they will try to get into his pants.
4. He doesnt want anyone to hunt him down.
3. The new acme cream the docter perscribed hasnt kicked in yet.
2. He says that pics add 345 pounds and he really isnt a fat tard.
1. All the pics he has are with his ex-boyfriend and he doesnt want us to judge his taste.