the best quick/permanent muscle gain supplement


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Jan 3, 2006
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i was just curious what everyone thought was the best supplement for quick and permanent muscle mass gain, assuming the user(s) kept training hard after they were done using it?
That would be steroids (especially since you're talking about cycling it).

Otherwise, carb/protein drinks taken after workouts. But that's not something you stop doing.
ahhh, alright thanks. ill go with the latter of the two.
Get yourself some Glutamine. That stuff works no doubt. Add the recommended amounts into your protein shakes. It aids in recovery and helps to build more muscle, and unlike creatine or some other products, if you stop using it, you don't lose any gains (unless of course you also stop working out and stop eating properly).

And it's not bad priced either, usually you can get a 2 or more month supply for around 30 bucks (canadian).
LOL the only supplement that is gonna pack on honest to god muscle would be...well its not a supplement. Its called brown rice, chicken, steak, pasta, whole wheat bread, potatoes. That is gonna give you solid permanent gaints. The only supplements you need from there are creatine of some sort and a good protein shake. I'm partial to Muscle milk Cookies and Cream, but after reading a thread here I tried Cytogainer Chocolate Mint, and its just deliecious. Its great to pack on a few extra calories but never rely on them to put on weight. Think about it solid food=muscle mass liquid=well fucking liquid.