The Best of the Worst- Free Standing Heavy Bags

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by mattmania843, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Hello all,
    Due to having non family member tenants I have to get rid of my hanging heavy bag (vibration/noise complaint). That means a free standing heavy bag is my only option since the ceiling is only about 7 feet high, maybe less (cant get a freestanding bag hanger). I have seen nothing but complaints about them but I just want something to hit with a decent amount of force, it does not have to be pro grade. That being said, upon doing some research I have sort of narrowed it down to - Looks very well built and similar to a regular heavy bag, and I like my cobra reflex bag from ringside (even though this forum seems to hate it) - This looks like the title version of the ringside, I assume they are identical but if anyone has any preferences among the two please let me know
    and lastly the wave master XXL - Honestly, the wave master looks the cheapest made of the 3 but some people say its not so bad.

    Any input would be great, and remember, I am looking for the best of the worst, it has to be serviceable and somewhat close to a real heavy bag. Also, its for purely boxing, no kicking or crazy gyrations. It will be in the basement and cannot vibrate the whole house.
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    The freestanding will vibrate the house if you hit it hard enough.

    Your best bet is to buy a fresstanding hanger.

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