the admins/mods suck in here!!!!


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Dec 19, 2001
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they cant even be arsed deleteing my swearing arse threads

so fuck em

only cause they know that i'll put you in you place. so cut the shiat off before i ban your arse.
don't be afraid of Art. We all know he has the same power as us maybe even less if he isn't a donor.

Lot of Bark for no bite little man.
sure goahead and listen to conrad. its kind of funny how he was mia for over week. you better belive i had everything to do with that. he pm'ed asking for permisson to post again. felt sorry for the pile. conrad's message went much like this " art please i promise i won't be bad again, being able to post on your board is all i live for ect."
You can diss the "Speical Mod" of this foroum becuase he has no power what so ever.

Art has twisted this story alot. I went away for some 10 days and came back to find that I had 10 PMs. Yes, art Pmed me everyday asking when I was coming back and how much he missed me and how he might cancel his two up coming matches becuase he has lost his will to fight.

He is so pathitic, in that cute kinda way.
lies lies, i had his arse banned for 10 days for being a fool on my board and for calling out the mods how are dedicated to my cause and will ban any that i whish be it for a day or 10 days.
Yup, Yup. Art just tell it to the nice lady that brings you the pills when you are in that nice padded room of yours.
i told you that was along time ago conrad. i much better now. and i only take my pills cause other wise we have headaces.
You can rip on mods and admins in here but most prefer to rip on Art.

However, ripping on the owner of this board (me) will not be permitted and will result in violence.
all i've got to say is
You're too handsome. You shouldn't fight. It may mess up your face.....
i know but sometimes i've got to make a sacurfice for the greater cause.
Originally posted by treelo
they cant even be arsed deleteing my swearing arse threads

so fuck em


Are you okay, Treelo?
Lame..the lot of you...

id make you all mods if i could
I am here now Treelo you can feel safe.