Thanks to atama & especially for great service


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Dec 26, 2004
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Just a quick note for those who are not sure about whether to order from atama or (the two are not related, I just happened to get my orders from the both of them at the same time).
First Atama, I ordered a blue mundial model 5 from them ( early last week and it got here (Holland) in 5 working days. Got good and fast advice regarding sizing and a couple of other questions, very friendly, very happy with their service. I've only tried it on, not trained in it yet, so I can't say much yet about how it is for fighting; it did fit very well though and especially the pants feel very comfortable (note that this is my first bjj gi so I can only compare to my karata gis and the judo gis I used to wear).
Then; I ordered the Bas Rutten Big Dvds of Combat on the 26th of July or somewhere around that time. I hadn't received anything halfway August, send them a mail, they said they had send it the day after I ordered and that I should check with the post office. I did but they didn't know anything about a package for me; so then last week I contacted again and within a day I got a reply that they had send another package my way and that it should arrive in 4 to 6 days, which it did. Also very friendly answers, very apologetic about the first shipment not arriving, not making any excuses or brushing me off. So even though it did take like 6 or 7 weeks for my dvds to get here, the service that I got from them was great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Where do you train BJJ?
Hmm well - apart from rolling 'freestyle' with my buddies I don't really have a 'real' club yet where I train regularly. I took a couple of classes with the Exit team in Leuven (Belgium) ( but that's too far away from where I live to go to twice or three times a week; I'll visit a school of one of Francis Cadu's students on saturday which is closer to me but I only learned about that one a couple of weeks ago (, under 'affiliates' it says something about a school in Belgium; I'm Belgiam but I live in Maastricht so the schools in Belgium are closer than those eg in Oss). Do you train? Where?
I train in 's-Hertogenbosch (Noord-Brabant) under Harold Harder who is a Rickson Gracie brown belt.